Monday, 31 January 2011

It's my home now.

My husband has moved his stuff out.  I am paying the rent now.  My name is on the tenancy agreement.  My name is on all the bills.

So, when will he stop thinking it's his house?  I know this is probably a 'time' thing but he keeps turning up, walking in the back door and just going wherever.  He walked through the house to the toilet.  He walked in, took a pan, a jar of pasta sauce and a picture out of the hall (that he'd changed his mind about wanting).  None of the actions I mind, it's just the waltzing in without even waiting for me to come downstairs, and clearly thinking it's still his home.

I'm not sure how to address this.  Nobody uses the front door in our house apart from the postman, because the parking and driveway are in the back garden.   But I still think he could knock at the back door, or call and wait for me to appear and then ask if it's Ok to go to the loo, get something from the kitchen, go upstairs or whatever.

Maybe I'm being harsh, and I need to give him time to realise this isn't where he lives now.  I'm just not sure.

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