Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Three blows in the last 24 hours

Blow number one.

I have been trying to get a job.  Mainly I just want something non-stressful, that will fit around the children and will fulfil the criteria I need to get tax credits.  Wages is not even particularly an issue, but obviously I need around £70-£90 a week ideally.

First up, I contacted a range of places that I thought I could possibly work that know me and whom I have worked for before: a shop, my old teaching job, some magazines I have written for, a friend who often needs admin help at her business.  I also had some ideas for new things - childminding 8's and overs, and houseminding while people are on holiday.

I had a reply from the shop that made me think I would be able to work there Saturdays which would be ideal.  I popped in to meet the new manager and it became clear that it's only a might, and only an afternoon a week and there was no definite idea of if/when they will let me know about the job.

Blow number two

My old teaching job.  It's a job that actually I intensely dislike.  I haven't worked for 14 months but always had it in mind as a fall back as it's very flexible and the pay is very good.  I contacted them and got a call from one of the supervising tutors to say that just before I stopped teaching 3 clients had made an official complaint about my course.  It was too unstructured, too discussion based.

So, the upshot of this is that there has to be a lengthy 'process' put in place before I will be able to teach which includes attending professional development days, being observed by the supervisors.  Also, I got upset explaining about the marriage ending and she said that they "have to make sure the clients are safe"!!  What the.... As if they would be unsafe because I am upset about separating from my husband!  Anyway, it feels like a load of barriers just got dumped in front of me.

It probably won't be 6 months til I can teach and earn some money.  I'm wondering if this is a sign that I hate the job and should do something else?

Blow number three

I need to replace the car.  It is dh's car, he has got a new one and will be cancelling the insurance.  The car doesn't have an MOT and will cost a fortune to get through one, then the insurance is through the roof because I have no no claims discount (being only a named driver on dh's policy for 11 years).  Plus, it only does 4 miles to the litre so costs a fortune to run.

The best thing is to replace the car with a smaller, newer car that is more fuel efficient and has cheaper insurance.  I found the perfect car and actually got accepted for finance and was going to pick it up this morning.  However, when I called they said that I had to bring in a passport AND driving license and my driving license is missing :-(  So I can't get it, and it'll be weeks til I can apply, send off for and receive back my new license.

Maybe it's for the best as I was going to be paying back £115 a month for 4 years, and I don't know yet how much money I have.  Maybe it's best just to buy a small, old car for £750 that is cheaper to run and not have the monthly payments.

But I'd psyched myself up and was excited to get the new car today, so am just now disappointed and feeling like everything is going against me.  Pah.

The good thing is that I have my appointment with the wonderful homeopath today which is always very helpful.

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